It All Started...

When the store ran out of the deodorant I wanted... 😢 This got me to look in to how make my own! From there, Remediz Inc. was born! 😎
I, Chelsea Penner, took the time to extensively research specific qualities of our skin and hair. What leads to healthy, strong, moisturized, natural-vitamin enriched skin and hair? How would I show care and love in cosmetic products? Well...
Since making a few cosmetics already, I have tested them on myself and other people. The results? Success is in the air! Remediz Inc. creates 100% organic, all natural, eco-friendly, edible, pet & baby safe, homemade and cherished cosmetics! Remediz products include lip balm, deodorant, hair mask, face masks, tooth powder and more! 😁
Try out Remediz Inc. cosmetics for yourself!
Your skin and hair will thank you! (So will I 😉)
Much love, Chelsea! 😘

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